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Conkered is a results driven design and branding agency based in Stirling. We love solving problems and we are happy doing as much work as you require, simple. We could take the time to describe our processes, the way we manage an organisation’s brand, digital marketing, social media strategy, website optimisation, campaign tools, email marketing, SEO… the things that all design and brand agencies ‘just do.’ Or we could meet you and find out about your organisation, then we can go from there?

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Creative Professional

 David Gowen - Conkered Founder

David Gowen - Conkered Founder


With over 20 years experience managing and running businesses David has gained extensive knowledge on the day-to-day challenges faced by SMEs. He uses this creative experience to identify opportunities for his clients; results driven sales and marketing advice. 

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“David has responded proactively to many of our challenges over the years, his reliability is second to none.”